TV Africa Presenter fires, Ghanaian artists should stop fooling & bragging about who is rich & instead learn from Akon.

TV Africa Presenter, Akosua Sexxi has fired some Ghanaian artistes who are always claiming to be rich to stop fooling and instead learn from Akon.

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Akon quite recently said he has dropped his luxury lifestyle after noticing that Africa is lacking behind the fast grow world.

He said he has to channel the amount of cash he spends on jewelry on developmental projects across Africa.

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In a statement, He said; “Showing off is no longer my delirium, I don’t wear jewelry anymore. I’ve seen so many people in need until I feel guilty about visiting the villages. Showing up with $50,000 earrings is useless. It’s just tape to the eye that only serves to look good in front of others. That’s why I decided to use my money to help others.”

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Reacting to the news while on his Pae Mu Ka program aired on TV Africa, Akosua Sexxi said if Akon was able to raise a sum of $1B for developmental projects across Africa, then the Ghanaian stars should stop bragging about who wears the expensive dog chains around his or her neck and vice versa.

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She also said sharing Momo and buying takeaway foods for fans isn’t enough. Akosua stated that they should focus on creating employment for their fans.

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