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Lady warns Men, If you want to make it in life, stay away from jobless ladies with high demand.

According to a Twitter user, @aqualady6666, men should stay far away from ladies who are jobless but have got the taste for flashy lifestyle and taste.

She explained that her best friend who is dating a jobless girl was given a list of expensive gifts she wants him to buy to satisfy her high taste for Valentine.

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Her request came after knowing how hard her boyfriend’s current financial situation is.

She wrote;


“My friend gave her boyfriend a must-buy a list of expensive gifts he must provide on 14th as Val gifts, even when she knows the guy is broke rn, knowing how much

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This guy loves her And all he has done for her I just asked the man for his details and sent him 30k. He called crying.

Dear Men,
If you want to make it in life, Please stay away from jobless ladies with high taste. They will finish you.

This babe is my best friend tho but she has a very high taste even when she is currently unemployed, just that she’s so pretty and this particular guy really loves her cause the man is even planning on proposing this year, I sent him that money so he can get her the gifts.

Lol babe is even gisting me how she will break up with him if fails to provide her demand, in my mind, I was like “aunty calm down your gifts are ready ”

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Lol seems everyone is coming at me saying I’m supporting toxic relationship, well I guess I did wrong by sending him the cash, you’ll say how will they cope should also know that they have been together for over 3 years now even before I met my best friend.

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I just mentioned the guy being broke rn meaning he’s just broke atm, he used all his funds to clear his goods from oversea so the guy is doing very well in his business that’s why I decided to help cause I know he can maintain the relationship and he doesn’t want to leave her.”

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