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Keta! The Land of Awesome Tourist Attractions That are Worth Visiting

Ghana is and has always been known for its wide range of tourist attractions and facilities. For the traveler, Ghana is that latter-day unknown, unexplored and certainly an unexploited destination which abounds in an unbelievable array of striking attractions, distinctive and peculiar to each of the ten regions in Ghana and Keta is not different.

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There are four major areas of interest to the tourist in Ghana, namely, Culture, History, Ecology and Recreation. Tourism in Ghana is regulated by the Ministry of Tourism of Ghana, the Government of Ghana ministry responsible for the development and promotion of tourism-related activities in Ghana.

Keta has a lot of awesome Tourist attractions that are worth visiting every day and like other tourist areas in Ghana, Keta’s beauty will sweep you off your feet.

Keta is a town in the Volta Region of Ghana. It is the capital of the KetaMunicipal District. It is the sixty-first most populous settlement in Ghana in terms of population, with a population of 23,207.

Located in South-Eastern Ghana, Keta Municipality is one of the most rewarding and interesting places in this beautiful country. Steeped in rich history and a fascinating array of cultures, Keta provides endless opportunities and excitement for the traveler looking for something a bit different.

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Below is a list of 10 favourite tourist attractions worth visiting in Keta.

FORT PRINZENSTEIN: Fort Prinzenstein was built in 1784 by the Danes after a war against the people of Anlo and Keta. It is the only slave Fort built on the east of the Volta River and has been the heart and soul of the Danish slave trade in Africa. Two-Thirds of the fort was destroyed by the sea around the 1960s to 80s but 3 out of the 9 slave dungeons still stand.

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ATORKOR SLAVE MARKET: Atorkor Slave Market is one of the major slave markets in Ghana and a monument has been erected at the place to remember the Africans who were sold in the slave trade. It is a well-kept tourist site worth visiting.


CAPE ST. PAUL LIGHTHOUSE: Cape St. Paul Lighthouse in Woe is said to be the oldest lighthouse in Ghana and was built in 1901 to direct ships away from a mountain in the sea around Woe. A climb to the top of the lighthouse would give you a very beautiful and breathtaking view of the beautifully stretched sandy Keta Beach.

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KETA BEACH: The white beautiful and clean sandy beach in Keta is one of a kind. The Keta coastline has a beautiful sandy beach that would massage your feet and the breeze would soothe your soul. If you love to have a long walk on a beautiful clean beach then go to Keta.

KETA LAGOON RESORT: Ever seen an African village city on a Lagoon? Well, a trip to the Keta lagoon resort would make you not want to go back home. Although temporarily closed down for renovations, it is one place you need to prepare to visit with your loved ones when it’s reopened.

ABORIGINES BEACH RESORT: If you love to spend time on an African beach and truly feel the African atmosphere first hand then you need to visit the Aborigines Beach resort in Keta for a memorable experience.

MEET ME THERE LODGE: Meet Me There Lodge is one of the most beautiful African inspired lodges. You need to visit to see the way the owners are helping develop the community of Dzita and the environment is serene and natural. You would love this place.

CHILL RIVER RESORT: Chill River Resort at Tunu is the latest addition to the beautiful tourist attractions springing up at the Keta-Anloga area and the Chill River resort is just another place you would go crazy for. The resort stretches into the Volta river and they have boats you can take for a tour on one of the largest man-made lakes in Africa.

COCO BAY BEACH BAR AND GRILL: In case you’re in Keta and you want a quiet serene environment so you guys can eat some quality African home-cooked food as well as have some tailored drinks or a party in Keta then Cocobay Beach Bar and Grill by the Ocean is your preferred choice. You would thank me later.

A&Y WILD CAMP: A&Y Wild Camp is one quiet environment you can camp at and enjoy nature in Ghana at its best form.

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Credits: Selorm Ameza

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